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Fr Michael Butler 3



After several weeks of background work, my blog site is now up and running—at least I think it is—and it’s time to let people know and go public. Thanks for stopping by! Please take a few minutes and look around. I’d appreciate your comments and invite you to subscribe either by email or by RSS.

I plan to use this site as a place to gather thoughts and discuss subjects that interest me, among which will be

  • living the Orthodox Faith;
  • environmentalism;
  • natural law in the early Church;
  • the works of St Maximus the Confessor and other Patristic authors; and
  • anything else that strikes my fancy.

You are welcome, nay encouraged, to participate in the discussions if they interest you. I am looking forward to the conversation. Usual rules of civility apply; if in doubt, my comments policy is found under the “About” button at the top.

The blog is part of a larger project, one undertaken to support a few publications I have been asked to write. You will be able to read about them here as I make progress on them.

Building this platform is taking some restructuring of my work habits, and I’m still not entirely up to speed with the demands of social media. Still, I look forward to posting regularly and engaging you in the conversation. But I’m ready to launch the blog publicly now, and, with your help, I’ll work out the rough spots as I find them.

Again, thank you for your willingness to be a part of my work. Let’s find out what kind of good things we can make happen.

May Paradise consume us.


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