Perception of the Logoi and Cure of the Soul in St Maximus the Confessor

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I am pleased to announce the publication of my article, “Perception of the Logoi and Cure of the Soul in St Maximus the Confessor” in Edification: The Transdisciplinary Journal of Christian Psychology. You can find the full text of the article here.



The abstract reads:

St. Maximus the Confessor describes the several stages of ascetical discipline necessary for the cure of the soul culminating in its release from the passions. Central to an otherwise traditional program is his unique theory of the logoi, the principles or ideas by which the divine Logos created all things. Integral to his ascetical method is the soul’s progress in virtue to dispassion and on to the contemplation of the logoi. Because the illness of the soul not only disorders human desires but also darkens the mind, the cure of the soul makes possible a more objective perception of reality. Contemplation of the logoi perfects that perception by allowing one to see Christ in all things and all things in Christ.

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