Orthodoxy, Church & State

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church state relations, symphonia, ByzantiumHere are some links to a lecture I gave recently called, “Orthodoxy, Church & State.” It gives an overview of church state relations in Orthodox thought. It looks at the ideas of symphonia and sobornost in historical and contemporary contexts.  I made this presentation to Acton University, Grand Rapids, MI, on 20 June 2013. You can listen to it or download it free from Ancient Faith Radio, or you can download it from the Acton Institute for a small fee.

Dylan Pahman gave an excellent summary of the talk on the Acton PowerBlog the day it was delivered. If you’d like to see what the lecture is about, check it out.

If you have comments either on the topic or on the lecture, I’d like to hear from you. Thanks in advance.


  1. I wrote an article for Logos in 2005 on Phyletism and the Romanian Orthodox Church in 2005. If you are interested, I could send a copy.


    Michael Mates


    • I would be interested. Thank you.

      • I cannot attach the Word document into this field. A direct email address is required.


        Michael Mates

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